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Introducing “The Haircut Who Would Be King” by Robert Trebor

This is a satirical portrayal of Donald Trump’s ascent to power and his unconventional alliance with Vladimir Putin. Trump, depicted as egotistical and emotionally stunted since childhood, transitions from real estate to reality TV before entering politics. He recruits shock jock Alex Clamz for his presidential campaign, facing off against the sensible Mallory Claxton. Despite scandal and controversy, Trump wins the presidency with covert support from Putin. The narrative humorously highlights their contrasting personalities, with Putin portrayed as a former KGB agent with unique coping mechanisms. The story unfolds with absurdity and farce, reflecting on contemporary political dynamics through a comedic lens.

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1. “What did you learn about yourself while writing this book?”

I learned I could find a narrative line while writing the book, rather than determining it in advance. I knew roughly where I wanted the story to go, but it turned out much more extreme when the plot points added up. I also learned I was willing to put my money where my mouth was. Though I have a small fan base as an actor, I have none as an author. So, I decided to self-publish. The good news was, I could produce the book exactly as I wished. The only person I needed to satisfy was myself, as publisher. I worked with Alex from STANDOUT BOOKS to guide me through the process. They obtained the ISBN #’s for me and patiently took my direction as far as the cover, font, and formatting was concerned.

2. “How has writing this book affected your view of politics?”

I’ve always been a passionate moderate, leaning left. So, the book hasn’t changed that. However, closely clocking the regular outrage from Trump and Putin for possible literary exaggeration, changed my view of human nature a bit. We all know that many will embrace “The Emperor has no clothes”. But millions will embrace “The Emperor has ASBESTOS clothes,” and happily wrap themselves in the cancerous garment at their peril.

3. ”What personal experiences did you draw from while writing?”

In the summer of 2012, I contracted acute leukemia. There was no family history, and nothing in my behavior caused it, a lesson that really terrible things can happen out of nowhere.

I spent 4 months in hospital, with no immune system, waiting for a stem-cell transplant, if a donor could be found. I came right to the edge of my mortality. The elements that kept me alive were excellent doctors and medical technology, a suitable donor, a wonderful wife, luck, and laughter. I could barely move for four months, and a certain amount of appropriate depression set it. BUT, I watched funny DVD’s as often as possible: Dr. Strangelove, Preston Sturges, Monty Python, WC Fields, Fawlty Towers and more. That laughter gave my heart and lungs a good workout, considering my body was essentially static. And helped fight the depression. And THAT’S what I hope Haircut will do.

4. “What advice would you give to aspiring satirical writers?”

Whatever you wish to satirize, it better bother you A LOT! It should keep you up at nights. It should provoke a lot of anger and frustration, and you should understand what about the issue causes those feelings. I think it’s also important to have a humorous view of life in general, a kind of tilt on reality that allows you to see something strange or revelatory that other people might miss. It’s also healthy if you recognize your OWN vulnerability to the problem you wish to satirize or exaggerate. After you do some writing, show it to people you trust. If they don’t laugh, it’s not working. It might just come off as bitter or a screed, and that won’t sell your take on the material. I showed early drafts of portions of my book, and people laughed. A lot. And that gave me the confidence to continue.

Author Info

Robert Trebor is a character actor with more than 40 years experience on stage, film and television. Two of his noteworthy roles are The Son of Sam in the film Out Of The Darkness, and Salmoneus the merchant in the Hercules and Xena TV series. Playing both a psychopath and a salesman was enormously helpful in preparing this book. For more information –

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